Shrewsbury dental implants

Shrewsbury Dental Implants

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What sets our Shrewsbury dental implants apart from traditional bridges and dentures? Those old-fashioned tooth replacements are only designed to address the concern above the gums, but a real tooth has a root, and so do implants. Here at the dental practice of Julie Elessawi, DDS, the expert placement of it is a service we are proud to offer.

A missing tooth leaves you feeling unsure about your smile, unless the tooth is in the back where it can’t be seen. Then you may find your ability to chew compromised. And regardless of the location of the tooth in question, there is always the very real risk that your other teeth on that jaw will shift. The result can be discomfort and a misaligned occlusion (bite). So it’s easy to see why restoring the lost tooth is recommended. Our Shrewsbury dental implants allow you to avoid the pitfalls of traditional bridges and dentures. There is no loss of material from your surrounding teeth. There is no messy adhesive to apply. And your ability to speak and chew with confidence is right at 100%. The root portion is the first part of the process. Your jaw structure will be tested first to ensure that it is sufficiently thick to hold our Shrewsbury dental implants. Your new root is a titanium post, and is surgically placed in your jaw, beneath your gums. Your bone tissue grows around the post and then fuses with it, creating a dependable foundation. You will then have impressions taken so that a tooth-colored crown can be fashioned for cementing to the post. That gives you a complete new tooth, and one that you can expect to last for many years to come.

With proper care, it’s not unreasonable to think that your implant can last you for life. That’s certainly an exciting prospect, so contact us now to arrange a time to come in for a consultation and examination.

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