Kids dentist Shrewsbury New Jersey

Kids Dentist Shrewsbury New Jersey

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If your child is soon going to be having their first trip to the dentist, there are things you can do to prepare your child for his or her first dental visit. When you bring your child in to our dental practice, Julie Elessawi, DDS, our kids dentist Shrewsbury New Jersey, Dr. Julie Elessawi, will make sure that your child has a fun and relaxing time at our dental office.

If your child is soon to have his or her first visit with our kids dentist Shrewsbury New Jersey, there are some things you can do to make this trip more comfortable for them. At our office, they will see strange instruments, and even new faces, so even though we will do everything we can to ease your child’s fears, there are important steps you can take to make sure that your child is best prepared for a fun dental visit. Your child will most likely be more relaxed about the visit if beforehand you talk to them in a calm manner about what is going to happen. It is helpful to practice brushing your child’s teeth with your child before you go to the dentist, so that your child will be used to having a toothbrush in his or her mouth. When you get to our office, be sure to introduce your child to the dentist and to our staff members. Our staff and dentist will explain each step of the checkup to your child, show your child the tools that are going to be used, and give your child any type of assurance that may be needed. You may even want to go to the library beforehand and find a great book to read to your child about first trips to the dentist. Also, simply explain to your child that the dentist is a friend who will help to keep his or her teeth healthy so that they will always have healthy teeth.

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