Emergency dentist in Shrewsbury

Emergency Dentist in Shrewsbury

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Treating toothaches in Shrewsbury

Emergency dentist in Shrewsbury
Emergency dentist in Shrewsbury

Your toothache requires urgent attention, both to address the problem at hand and relieve you of the pain, as well as to prevent the situation from getting worse. It is not uncommon for a tooth that was once savable to be extracted because the patient waited too long before seeking help. Our emergency dentist in Shrewsbury, Julie Elessawi, DDS is prepared to treat your toothache in a timely manner.

The immediate concern with any toothache is that your inner tooth is exposed. That’s where the nerve is located, and it’s the reason that you are experiencing pain. The more pressing issue, though, is that the longer the inner tooth is exposed, the greater the likelihood is that a bacterial infection will take hold in the pulp, which is adjacent to the nerve. With a simple cavity, loose or lost filling, or a chip or crack, you come in to see our emergency dentist in Shrewsbury and the problem is taken care of. This means that you get a filling or a crown, depending on the circumstances. And if there is no infection, that’s all you will need. The tooth’s natural protective barriers are restored, and your toothache will go away. Should an infection be present, then the answer is root canal therapy. Don’t be alarmed about it, though. This non-surgical treatment is actually a comfortable procedure, performed by our emergency dentist in Shrewsbury under local anesthesia. The nerve and pulp are removed, and the canals are subsequently cleaned and disinfected. They are then sealed to prevent future infections. The worst case with a toothache is needing to have the tooth extracted. And the more quickly you act, the better the chances are of avoiding that outcome.

Don’t waste a second. Call us right away when you have a toothache. Our office will make certain you are seen in a timely manner.

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