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Dental Care in Shrewsbury

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Pediatric dental decay in Shrewsbury

Dental care in Shrewsbury
Dental care in Shrewsbury

Are you looking for an expert pediatric dentist who can provide top-notch dental care for your child? At our practice, Julie Elessawi, DDS, our family dentist who offers exceptional pediatric dental care is Dr. Julie Elessawi. When our young patients come into our office for dental care in Shrewsbury, our entire staff works very hard to make sure that they have a completely relaxing and fun time at our dental practice.

Although your child’s baby teeth are not meant to last forever, it is still important that they receive excellent dental care in Shrewsbury. This is because baby teeth play many different and important functions in the child’s mouth; it is important that baby teeth stay healthy as long as possible so they can stain your child’s mouth for as long as they are needed. Making sure that childhood cavities are prevented will help keep your child’s baby teeth healthy, and able to perform their important functions. Children’s teeth are very prone to cavities for several reasons. Many times children’s teeth contain grooves, which act as great hiding places for plaque and bacteria. These grooves make effective tooth brushing even more difficult. And, as we all know, children have not yet perfected their tooth brushing skills. Children also like to eat sweets and carbs which will add to the development of dental cavities. When your child comes in for periodic dental care in Shrewsbury, your child’s teeth will be gently cleaned which will help in the prevention of dental cavities.

At our practice, we also offer other dental care in Shrewsbury which will help your children avoid having to be treated for early childhood cavities. Fluoride treatments are very easy for your child to get. The fluoride treatment will help to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel so that cavity-forming acids will not be as effective in eating through the enamel of your child’s teeth. At our practice, children are also able to get dental sealant treatments. These dental sealants are actually painted on to the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s back molars. These sealants will act as a barrier between any harmful cavity-causing substances in your child’s mouth, and the teeth — thus avoiding cavity development. For an appointment for your child to meet with our pediatric dentist for help with prevention of childhood cavities, contact us today.

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