07702 teeth implants

07702 Teeth Implants

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Implants dentist in 07702

07702 teeth implants
07702 teeth implants

Implants are not just a cosmetic stand in for real teeth. They are designed to mimic the best qualities of real teeth. As such, you can chew and speak with 100% confidence thanks to implants. And if you take good care of yours, they can last you a lifetime. At the office of Julie Elessawi, DDS, our 07702 teeth implants are a valuable service performed here with a high degree of expertise and experience.

Bridges and dentures lay atop your gums, but our 07702 teeth implants go below the surface. Just like your natural teeth, they are anchored securely in your jaw. How is that possible? A titanium post acts as an artificial root. It is surgically placed in your jaw, and your bone tissue then grows around it and fuses with the post. The process takes a few months to complete. The second part is quicker. Our dentist takes impressions that are used by the dental lab to fashion a tooth-colored crown, which is subsequently cemented to the post. In addition to the post acting as a foundation for the crown, it also keeps your gum and bone tissue from atrophying, and preserves your facial contours, something that is essential for maintaining your normal appearance. When you chew your food, you’ll do so without any concern. Unlike dentures, our 07702 teeth implants won’t move or slide around. Unlike bridges, they don’t have any effect on your other teeth, nor will you lose any material from them. They are completely independent full-tooth restorations. In some ways, they can be considered superior to natural teeth. They will never decay nor will you ever need a root canal on one.

If implants sound like the right choice for you, all you need do is contact our office to book an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination.

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